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TNGIC (Tennessee Geographic Information Council) was established in 1994 to improve the connection between the various agencies working with GIS in Tennessee.

TNGIC has an annual conference in the spring of each year. We also sponsor more localized meetings in the fall in East, West, and Middle Tennessee. At these meetings we encourage everyone from the seasoned GIS Professional to students just entering the field to attend and participate.

Whats new....

Who We Are

In January of 1990, 16 people met in Nashville and formed the Tennessee Natural Resources GIS Users Group. The preliminary purpose of this group was to share information about technology development and databases to avoid duplication of effort. This group met twice a year at different GIS lab locations across the state. They had "show and tell" sessions which were of instructional and educational value. As the group continued to meet they found that at each meeting essentially the same people were attending. A decision was made to expand our involvement with others by hosting a forum.
So many ways to get involved!
  • Participate in the Regional Meetings or the annual Conference by being a speaker, a vendor, or an attendee.
  • Help out with the planning of the conference and other regional meetings!
  • Plan on being involved in one of the many committees!
  • Help communicate opportunites for professional growth and education.
  • Serve on the Board.
  • And more...
Attend the upcoming Regional meetings to get, or stay, connected with others that are working in the GIS industry.
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