Mapping Tennessee
2016 Board Nominees
​The TNGIC Board of Directors is the governing body of TNGIC and is elected by the general membership at the annual conference.  Newly elected Board of Directors will serve a term of 3 years.  We will be electing 4 new board members during the upcoming conference in Chattanooga (April 26-28, 2016).  Listed below are the nominees.
Kevin Bingham, GISP
GIS Manager - Town of Collierville

Kevin Bingham is the GIS manager for the Town of Collierville and has been in this role for the past six years.  He graduated with a B.S. in Geography from the University of Memphis in 1997.  He worked in local government at Collierville from 2000 through 2003, in the private sector as a consultant at EnSafe, Inc. from 2003 through 2009, and in the federal government at the Army Corps of Engineers from 2009 through 2010.  In 2010 he left the Army Corps of Engineers to become the GIS Manager for Collierville. 
Throughout the past several years Collierville GIS staff has worked diligently to leverage advances in spatial technology to better serve our staff and citizens.  This includes the implementation of web mapping technology, GPS data collection, mobile (tablet, phone) data collection and maintenance, application development, and integration with other Town business systems.  These changes led to Collierville being awarded ESRI’s Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award in 2015.

Kevin has been an active participant in TNGIC for approximately 15 years.  He has served as the vendor coordinator for the state-wide conference and given several presentations at the state-wide conference and the West TN regional forum.  He has also been active in the Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC) user group, serving as a Board member for several terms and actively participating in and helping organize the annual MAGIC conference. 

Kevin lives in Lakeland with his wife, Anna, and their three boys.  When not serving the citizens of Collierville, Kevin is active with his church family, enjoys working in the vegetable garden, and loves spending time with his family hunting, fishing, and playing in the dirt at their family farm in Hardeman County.  
Kevin Blackburn, P.E., GISP

Kevin graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in Civil Engineering in 2002 and MS in Civil Engineering in 2003.  He received his Professional Engineering license in 2007 and GISP from the GISCI in 2015.  Since 2003 he has been employed by Kimley-Horn and Associates, where he is a project manager and firm-wide leader and resource on GIS projects in Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee.  He is a strong advocate of promoting GIS throughout his company and the industry through mentoring, training, technical assistance, and presentations at engineering conferences nationwide.  Kevin is passionate about getting involved with TNGIC and working to bridge the gap between traditional engineering consulting services and innovative GIS deployments.

Kevin has 12 years of experience in asset inventory/geodatabase management, safety studies, transportation design, and planning. Kevin has served as project manager on multiple key projects involving railroad inventory and safety, sign retro-reflectivity inventory and assessment, guardrail inventory and assessment, development of specialized training, and high-accuracy GPS data collection. As project manager on the Statewide Outdoor Advertising Control Program, he has partnered with TDOT continually over the past 4 years on all tasks of the project, conducted inventory for more than 11,000 sites across the state, and consistently delivers results that exceed TDOT expectations.

If elected to the Board of Directors, Kevin will work diligently to promote TNGIC and the GIS community through networking with GIS and engineering professionals across Tennessee and the nation.
​ Kurt Butefish
Tennessee Geographic Alliance, Inc.

Kurt Butefish has served on the TNGIC Board the past three years and is seeking one, final term.  He is an active member of the TNGIC Education Committee.  Kurt has undergraduate and master’s degrees in Geography from the University of Tennessee and worked at Intergraph Corp. in Huntsville, AL for 14 years before taking his current position as Executive Director of the Tennessee Geographic Alliance (TGA), a position he has held for over 15 years.  The TGA is a not-for-profit housed in the Geography Department at the University of Tennessee that is funded in part by the National Geographic Education Foundation.  The mission of the Alliance is to advance geographic literacy across the state.  Since 2012, a major focus of the TGA has been to bring awareness to stakeholders about the importance of robust Geography content in Tennessee’s K-12 curriculum.  In 2013, much of Geography content was removed from Tennessee’s Social Studies curriculum and Kurt is working diligently with stakeholders (TNGIC, Cumberland URISA, State Department of Education, State Board of Education, and State Legislature) to reverse this situation.  Another focus of the organization is to train teachers of all disciplines in the effective use of geospatial technologies in their classrooms.
Tim Buchanan, GISP
GIS coordinator, TN Department of Environment & Conservation

Tim Buchanan is the GIS coordinator for the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) and is responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of TDEC's agency-wide GIS.  He is also responsible for developing Maps and applications that are integrated with TDEC's core business functions.
Tim began his GIS and TNGIC experience almost 20 years ago as the Sr. Software Developer at Southern Digital Services tasked with "putting our maps on the Web".   In 2005, he moved to TN State Government as a GIS Analyst in OIR-GIS Services, where he played a major role on the TNMap Project team which was tasked with designing, building, and maintaining Tennessee's first enterprise-wide GIS .
Tim earned his B.B.A. in Information Systems from MTSU and began his professional IT career in 1990 as a mainframe programmer.   His "geek & nerd" classifications were bestowed for his efforts in the early 1980s for writing computer programs just for fun AND also being in the band for 8 years.  He later received an upgrade to "uber-nerd" in 2008 but... no honorarium check.
Tim has been active in TNGIC for many years as a presenter, conference volunteer, training assistant, and GIS advocate.  He is also a certified GIS Professional (GISP). 
​Todd Graves
GIS manager at the City of Bartlett

Todd Graves earned his master’s degree in Geography from the University of Memphis. He worked as an intern thereafter with the City of Lakeland as well as Ducks Unlimited utilizing Geographic Information Systems. He subsequently pursued a career in GIS with the City of Bartlett and has worked there for the last 5 years. He was promoted to GIS Manager for Bartlett. He is also an active member with MAGIC (Memphis Area Geographic Information Council) in the geographic community.

Todd helped to create a mapping system for the country of Ethiopia, Africa. He helped to implement a process of mapping relief efforts for that country. He became involved in this program after visiting and meeting the director of missions for the country. He realized the potential for GIS to help with their efforts and began to administer and design a system to meet those needs.

Todd is the father of two thriving boys. He is watching them grow into a potential engineer and a potential artist. He also is an avid backpacker. He hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 1994: A 2,100 mile trek that took 7 months. He has also completed around 800 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail and plans on finishing this trail which extends from Mexico to Canada when time affords.  
​ Suzanne White, GISP
State of Tennessee, Strategic Technology Solutions, GIS Services

Suzanne has over 26 years of GIS experience and currently works for the State of Tennessee, Strategic Technology Solutions, GIS Services.  Previous employers have included Amec Earth and Environmental, Inc., the State of South Carolina, and The Center for the Protection, Utilization, and Management of Water Resources at Tennessee Technological University.  During her career, Suzanne has been a project manager, GIS manager, developer, instructor, and a GIS analyst.  She earned her BS degree and a MS degree both from Tennessee Technological University.  She was also an ESRI Authorized Instructor for six years.   

For the past 17 years, Suzanne has enjoyed being a TNGIC member and served as the TNGIC President in 2008 and 2013.  She has served TNGIC in various other roles including two terms as a board member, TNGIC conference coordinator, and education sub-committee chair.  Suzanne has been actively involved in facilitating the TNGIC training “Experience GIS in Tennessee” courses.  She is also a recipient of the TNGIC GIS Champion Award.  Since 2000, she has coordinated the Middle Tennessee Regional TNGIC meeting. 

If elected, Suzanne will strive to find new ways to promote TNGIC participation and membership, especially with the activities of the TNGIC committees.  She is also interested in further promoting GIS training within the TNGIC membership.