Mapping Tennessee
TNGIC History

The Tennessee Geographic Information Council Story...

In January of 1990, 16 people met in Nashville and formed the Tennessee Natural Resources GIS Users Group. The preliminary purpose of this group was to share information about technology development and data to avoid duplication of effort. This group met twice a year at different locations across the state. Each meeting created a chance to share information and demonstrate what different individuals were working on, creating sessions of instructional and educational value. Realizing that the same people were attending the meetings, a decision was made to expand the effort by reaching out to others through a forum.

On December 23, 1993 the first TNGIS users' forum was held at the Garden Plaza in Murfreesboro. There were over 200 participants!  The majority of participants were from the state of TN and a few from adjoining states.

From that first meeting TNGIS developed a few goals:

Create a cohesive GIS community
Improve communication between users and institutions
Promote and facilitate data sharing
Meet the needs of our customers through an interdisciplinary approach
Promote professional development
Promote data standardization
Avoid duplication of effort.

In 1994, TNGIS became what we now know as TNGIC. From the initial goals mentioned above, the TNGIC Bylaws were established.  TNGIC has had a variety of presidents from state, local, and private companies. In 1998 TNGIC started awarding a GIS Championship Award to recognize an individual for their work in, and their promotion of, GIS in Tennessee.

Past Presidents

1993 John Harris
1994 Rick Steig
1995 Kirk Pickering
1996 Brian Deem
1997 Kim McDonough
1998 Brenda Brandenburg
1999 Tom Nolan
2000 Dennis Pederson
2001 Lindsey Gaylen
2002 David Speight
2003 Joe Sewash
2004 Vernon Long
2005 Jason Duke
2006 Sam Moffat
2007 Jason Duke
2008 Suzanne White
2009 Kurt Snider
2010 David Light
2011 Jason Duke
2012 Justin Graham
2013 Suzanne White
2014 Jason Duke
2015 Marc Pearson
2016 Dave McMillen
2017 Bill Avant
2018 Jason Duke

GIS Champion Award Recipients

1999 Mike White, State of Tennessee
2000 Jay Krosp, Shelby County Assessor's Office
2001 Rick Stieg, City of Bartlett
2002 Jason Duke, USFWS
2003 Star Lakavage, AEGIS Services
2004 Cliff Whitehead, TWRA
2005 John Harris, Natural Resources Conservation Service
2006 Randy Porter, Putnam County Emergency Services
2007 Keith Stump, Knox County GIS
2008 Dennis Pederson, State of Tennessee
2009 Bruce Ralston, University of Tennessee in Knoxville
20010 David Speight, True North Geographic Systems
2011 Bruce Bauch, USGS
2012 Suzanne White, TN OIR/GIS
2013 Tim Prather, UT Extension
2014 David Light, Eastman Chemical Company
2015 Kurt Snider, USFWS
2016 Bill Avant, TDEC
2017 Jeanette Jones, TWRA
2018 Kurt Butefish