Mapping Tennessee
Balloon Mapping, TNGIC 2013 Conference Part I
Posted on March 28th, 2013

On Wednesday, March 27th, at around 5 PM, TNGIC hosted its second (possibly) annual do-it-yourself aerial photography mapping event as part of the 2013 GIS Conference at Montgomery Bell State Park in Dickson County, TN.  

Volunteers helped to fill a 5.5 foot diameter weather balloon with helium.  We affixed two cameras to a tethered line a few feet below the balloon, with one camera pointing down at the ground and the second pointing at the horizon.  The cameras were set to automatically take photos at 5 second intervals.  Two volunteers held spools of kite and masonry line and allowed the balloon to rise to approximately 1200 feet above the Lake Acorn beach near the inn and conference center.  The two pilots walked the balloon to the end of the beach and back to our staging area in an attempt to increase the ground coverage of the cameras.

A preliminary map some of the photos can be viewed here.  Zoom in on the lake north of the golf course.

Stay tuned for additional posts with more photos, methods and materials, and a comparison of this event with the 2012 balloon mapping event.

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