Mapping Tennessee
GIS Analyst Senior, City of Franklin
Posted on October 3rd, 2013

Purpose of Job

Contributes to the design, development, and maintenance of Geographic Information System (GIS) graphics and mapping applications.  Generates graphics, maps, and statistical reports.

Essential Job Duties  

Coordinates GIS System Maintenance
  • Supports information system contractors and staff members in GIS and data-integration activities.
  • Designs, implements, maintains and organizes activities involving GIS spatial/attribute components for the department.
  • Reviews and implements technology to ensure that the department meets its GIS, data warehousing and system goals.
  • Coordinates and develops the accuracy, integrity, and structure of spatial/attribute data necessary to support GIS functions.
  • Develops geoprocessing models and/or scripts to expedite routine GIS procedures.
  • Makes budget recommendations for GIS operating and training expenses for hardware, software upgrades, and new purchases.
  • May assist with coordinating with vendors for new programs, training, upgrades, and changes to GIS.
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