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GIS Interns Needed!
Posted on October 17th, 2013

Greetings colleagues,
I hope this message finds you well at the beginning of another busy fall term or fiscal year! I am happy to report something positive coming out of Washington, DC that may be helpful to our college and university GIS students! Despite the government shutdown, there are several senate offices that are looking for GIS interns:

Senator Thune (South Dakota)
Senator Boozman (Arkansas)
Senator Corker (Tennessee)
Senator Hatch (Utah)
Senator Merkley (Oregon)
Senator Reid (Nevada)
Senator Johnson (Wisconsin)
Senator Blumenthal (Connecticut)
Senator McConnell (Kentucky)
Senator Manchin (West Virginia)
Senator Rubio (Florida)
Senator Franken (Minnesota)
Senator Inhofe (Oklahoma)
Esri has been asked to assist with this process by spreading the word and also helping to match suitable interns with the offices. Unfortunately, we do not have specifics as to whether these are paid or unpaid positions, or when such positions might start and for how long.

But if you are from one of the states above, would you mind spreading the word among the GIS listservs and other venues in and around your campuses, and asking interested students to do 2 things:
(1) send their resumes to me and;
(2) ALSO go through the formal intern application process with their Senator.

If you would like to take the preliminary step of compiling student names and resumes and sending that as one zip file to me from your campus, all the better.
Right now I have no idea of a deadline for this so I'll try to keep you posted.
Thanks very much,

Dawn Wright
Esri Chief Scientist

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