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Important Request from the Tennessee Geographic Alliance
Posted on January 24th, 2014

Dear TNGIC Members  –
I’ve got an urgent request to ask of you.  The Tennessee Geographic Alliance has a unique opportunity in which you can help us take great advantage. 
The Alliance has been invited by the Tennessee House Education Committee Chair, Representative Harry Brooks, to present on the Importance of Geography Education in Tennessee to the House Education Committee on February 4th, 2014.  This is a very big deal.   I have lined up a strong team that includes someone from the National Geographic Society, a Tennessee geography teacher, and a representative from geography-related private industry in Nashville.  However, our impact can be GREATLY magnified if the members of the House Education Committee hear from you in the next week.
As many of you know, the K-12 geography standards were decimated this past year when they were combined with history instruction.  We lost the stand-alone 7th grade course and the World Geography course in high school is no longer an option opposite World History as a credit for graduation.  Most all of the meaningful geography instruction in K-12 has been pushed down to the 3rd grade.
Please let Representative Harry Brooks (Chair) and Rep. John Forgety (Vice Chair) hear from you.  If your State Representative is a member of the House Education Committee, if you teach in a district that they represent, or you have some connection to any of these members…please mail, fax, or email a request in the next few days for them to pay close attention to the presentation about geography education.   See below for a list of the committee members.  You can find out who your representative is here:  
Use the attached document as a go-by to make your arguments.
Following is contact information for the Chair and Vice Chair and a list of the House and Senate Education Committee Members.  These legislators are critical to reach.  If they are in your district, PLEASE, PLEASE contact them in addition to Brooks and Forgety.
House Education Committee
Harry Brooks (Knox)—Chair
301 6th Avenue North
Suite 117 War Memorial Building
Nashville, TN 37243
(Phone) 615-741-6879
(Fax) 615-253-0212
John Forgety—Vice Chair
301 6th Avenue North
Suite 109 War Memorial Bldg.
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone (615) 741-1725
Fax (615) 253-0309
Raumesh Akbari (Memphis)
Kevin Brooks (Bradley)
Jim Coley (Bartlett)
John J. DeBerry, Jr. (Shelby Co.)
Bill Dunn (Knox)
Roger Kane (West Knox)
Ron Lollar (Bartlett)
Harold Love (Davidson)
Debra Moody (Covington)
Joe Pitts (Clarksville)
Dawn White (Rutherford)
Mark White (Shelby)
Ryan Williams (Putnam)
Thank you for your attention to this very important request and thank you for your continued support of geography education in Tennessee.
Kurt Butefish
Coordinator, Tennessee Geographic Alliance
Member, TNGIC Board of Directors

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