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4-H GIS/GPS Leadership Team
Posted on July 23rd, 2015

​Tennessee’s members of the National 4-H GIS/GPS Leadership Team have been awesome, and you have to be proud of them. Thanks to TNGIC’s support and others, we were able to bring four 4-H members and their chaperones. My wife also accompanies us as a chaperone thanks to a Delta companion voucher.

We conducted a field survey for invasive Sea Lavender at Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge. Using Esri Collector on smartphones, we navigated to predetermined grid points and counted Sea Lavender, then updated the data by entering the counts. The data has been shared with the NWR staff using ArcGIS Online.
Tennessee 4-H members presented Saturday during a session at the Esri Education Conference. They also staffed a booth at the EdUC Expo Saturday and Sunday to explain their GIS projects and promote 4-H GIS at the global level. Our neighboring booth at the event was GeoJobe, staffed by Jeremy Weber (TN) and David Hansen (MS).

Monday’s plenary at the UC was awesome. There were many excellent presentations, but I was most impressed by the high school students from Hawaii and their presentation of a project tracking spread of invasive Red Mangrove on the Hawaiian island of Molokai, and they kept their composure when ArcMap locked up during the presentation (last year the 4th graders were the stars of the show). I hope you can find that presentation online. We also enjoyed lunch together with David light, Joanne Logan and Clemente Mercedes, Debbie Stevens (IA), Daniel Terrian (IA) and Tom Tate (MD). GIS users from Tennessee, Iowa and Maryland. I heard lots of compliments about our youth and their maps at the UC Map Gallery. Austin Ramsey had the opportunity to walk Jack through the 4-H History Map project we have been working on, and then we had our picture made with him. And each team member got Jack’s business card.
Tuesday involved visiting more sessions, the Esri Showcase (trade show), Map Gallery and our last planning meeting before heading home.

​Wednesday is free time before flying home and starting next year’s projects.
Let’s be sure to invite the 4-H members to present at the West and East Tennessee TNGIC Forums, and involve them in the Annual Conference if possible.
Thank you, TNGIC and each individual donor, for your generous support for this life-changing opportunity for Tennessee 4-H youth. I know two of our team alumni enrolled in UT to pursue GIS as a result of this experience. Dylan Roberts, Unicoi County, will be a freshman this year. Fatima Murillo, Bedford County, is a graduate student in my department.
The National 4-H GIS/GS Leadership Team for 2015-2016 is:
MT: Bradee Hawks
NC: Dylan Dodson, and chaperone Thomas Ray
NY: Sarah Martin, and chaperone Carrie Martin
TN: Edward DeWane II and Mary Katherine DeWane (Shelby County), Wyatt Luther (Unicoi County) and Austin Ramsey (Sullivan County), and chaperones Melanie DeWane and Kathleen Wilson (Sullivan County).
Tim Prather

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