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Geographers and Geospatial Professionals in Tennessee Go by Many Names.
Posted on July 23rd, 2015

​Thanks to generous assistance and participation by members of TNGIC, the 

Tennessee Geographic Alliance has just rolled out a poster called Geographers  and Geospatial Professionals in Tennessee Go by Many Names.  Many TNGIC 

members’ smiling faces are on the poster and you can download a copy from this 


The objective in producing this poster is for the Tennessee Geographic Alliance to 

have a tool to show students, teachers, guidance counselors, and especially 

legislators and decision-makers that Geography = Jobs.  The geography curriculum 

in Tennessee’s K-12 schools has taken a real beating the last couple of years and 

we need to enlighten folks about the important work that is being done for the 

betterment of business, government, and communities by people who have these 

skills.  If we don’t produce geographically literate students, the supply of people 

who are aware of geospatial technology and who understand that they can study 

and train for good jobs related to the industry is going to diminish.  We know how 

important the work we do is, but sometimes we’ve got to let others know it too.  

If you are invited to speak to a civic group or a class of students, please contact 

me for copies of the poster to share.  If you have school-aged children, deliver a 

copy to their teacher or the school’s guidance counselor.  Whatever your need, 

I’m happy to provide the poster for dissemination and I will greatly appreciate 

your assistance in getting the poster out there.

Kurt Butefish


Tennessee Geographic Alliance

TNGIC Board Member

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