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GIS Analyst - South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Posted on March 31st, 2017

GIS Analyst
EP 63598
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division –Bonneau, SC
Open: 3/31/17-4/14/17
Position Description: Ensures Biotics database is functional and secure with software updates, virus protection, data exchanges, and other services provided by NatureServe.  Trains DNR staff and other colleagues in the use of Biotics and other related software. Meets with staff annually to solicit input to create a more functional and effective system.  Attends training sessions to enhance database knowledge.  Provides Biotics data, typically in the form of customized lists, datasets or maps, to DNR staff, conservation partners, and others having a legitimate interest in the data.  Updates ranks of all state species every 10 years in consultation with staff and supervisor.  Maintains and updates lists on DNR website pertaining to state and federally listed species, including rare species tracked by the Heritage Trust Program.  Complies with state laws governing state listed species.  Enters or supervises staff in entering data into the Biotics database on observed flora and fauna populations for species tracked by the Heritage Trust Program and other species deemed a priority by DNR.  Encourages other agency staff to submit new observations and update existing ones.  Seeks MOUs with other entities for data sharing as needed.  Administers grants and contracts that may be relevant to the program.  Using GIS, compiles information and creates ESRI GIS maps, tables and reports for users and amends new and existing items as needed.  Designs, updates and maintains GIS applications, databases and user interfaces as instructed.  Assists in automation of user applications and helps staff with analytic information involving spatial data queries and layer interactions.  Enhances GIS knowledge through training opportunities when available. Minimum and additional requirements: A bachelor's degree in geography or a related field; or an associate degree in a related field and two (2) years of experience in the use of GIS software. Preferred qualifications: Experience in coding desired.  Working knowledge of spatial techniques and cartography, computer databases, Excel spreadsheets, record keeping, ESRI, GIS, GPS equipment, and mapping programs such as ArcView.  Good organizational skills and the ability to communicate on the phone and in writing with peers and the general public.  Experience with computer databases preferred.
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