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TN Lidar produced contours!
Posted on August 24th, 2017

You have seen this recently posted on our Facebook and Twitter sites, but the purpose here is to announce that countywide 2ft contours, generated from the DEMs, are now available to the public on the TNGIC hosted google drive site.  The download is a zipped ESRI File GeoDatabase.  The Cumberland 27 (with pilot counties project) and West TN NRCS projects are all available now.

​The dataset is quite large and cumbersome in a map document.  I suggest using the Clip Geoprocessing Tool to just clip the areas you need using your own project area polygon.  You can do this in ArcCatalog or ArcMap without displaying the contours.   We really hope this helps folks who do not have the ability/extensions to generate their own contours (Alternatively, you could use QGIS to generate contours).
There also is a document that accompanies each zipped .gdb and it has some suggested best practices and information regarding the contours.  

This data can be found here: ​

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