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GIS Technician McMinn County E911 Center - Athens, TN
Posted on October 9th, 2017

​GIS Technician McMinn County E911 Center - Athens, TN 37303
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The position manages, assists and coordinates the implementation of Geographic Information System (GIS) activities, including collecting, recording, and disseminating GIS data in support of all departments and their operations while providing back up to related positions. The position reports to the Director of MECD.
NATURE OF WORK: The employee is required to collect, organize and analyze GIS data to ensure that the data is accurate spatially (location) and the attribute data (tabular data) that is attached to the spatial data is correct. The employee is required to apply specialized knowledge unique to the GIS profession. Work is assigned by supervisor who provides general instructions, recognizing that detailed or technical instructions are rarely needed. Decisions are made without direct supervisory input in determining if the data is accurate, when to backup and archive data, and utilize time management skills when multiple projects are in progress. Errors in work would go without detection resulting in inaccuracy in data that could take months or years to identify.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Essential functions are fundamental job duties. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position, nor does every position allocated to the job necessarily perform every duty listed. Personal characteristics required of all employees such as honesty, integrity, and the ability to get along with others , are presumed qualities and not listed specifically.
The essential functions identified for this job are:
Performs geographic and tabular data entry; produces computer generated maps and map books; assists with the design and direction of applied GIS projects.Knowledge of Arc GIS and extensions.Knowledge of ESRI base format and Map Design.Collects and disseminates GIS data in hard and soft copy format.Creating a Basic Map in Arc Map.Analyzes, organizes, and updates data daily with weekly publishing for dispatching.Provides geographic information and technical assistance to E-911 personnel as well as to requests from the public and private sector.Provides such support related responsibilities as answering phones, routing requests, attending meetings, and working with outside agencies.Provides support related to front office for Septic Permitting and other associated tasks.Performs computer backups, trouble shoots and maintains Department computers and network; builds Web pages and maintains E-911 Web site.
Equipment: The employee uses and operates a variety of office and computer equipment and related software, including software and equipment unique to the GIS profession. The employee operates a vehicle.
Critical Skills/Expertise: All employees must possess knowledge of general written standards and procedures utilized, and have the ability to read, interpret, and follow procedural and policy manual related to the job tasks. The abilities expected of all employees include being able to respond to supervision, guidance and direction of superiors in a positive, receptive manner and in accordance with stated policies, be appropriately groomed and attired so as to present a professional image in accordance with the organization’s mission, goals, and policies; report for work promptly and properly prepared at the time and place required by the assignment or orders; notify the appropriate supervisor of intended absences in accordance with stated rules; conform with standards and rules regarding use of accrued time; demonstrate a polite, helpful, courteous, and professional image when engaged in any activity with the public; operate and care for equipment to manufacturer’s specifications and/or within the specified parameters and in accordance with policies; demonstrate an understanding, consideration, and respect of cultural, religious, and gender differences when interacting with the public and colleagues.
Critical skills/expertise identified for this job includes:
Extensive knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect, compile, analyze and disseminate GIS data in electronic and hardcopy format.Thorough knowledge and understanding of Global Positioning System (GPS) theory and coordinate systems to accurately collect spatial data for GIS in the proper coordinate system.Thorough knowledge of databases and geo-databases to build, organize, manipulate and query data in tabular format.Working knowledge of computer networks to maintain continuity and communication between computers in the GIS area and Dispatching.Working knowledge of Internet technologies and Web site design to maintain Web site.Practical knowledge of office equipment and general computer software to complete general daily office needs and responsibilities.Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with co-workers and customers to relay information and collect accurate details of request.
Minimum Qualifications: Two years of higher education or equivalent experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Information Technologies (IT) for the basic knowledge of GIS, GPS theory and database management. Must possess and maintain a valid Tennessee Driver’s license.
Basic Physical and Cognitive Abilities are required with the position. A list of requirements can be obtained by contacting the employer.
Job Type: Full-time

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