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Transportation Planning Supervisor (GIS)
Posted on November 6th, 2017

​Transportation Planning Supervisor (GIS) Data Visualization Office Supervisor – 1 Position

This position will be particularly in charge of the office of Data Visualization of the Long Range Planning Division. This position will integrate and manage Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support the long term strategic goals of the Tennessee Department of Transportation including enhancement and integration of GIS application for use in project planning, implementation, maintenance and measurement. The position will also integrate GIS applications with department-wide technologies and information systems. Duties:

Duties include, but are not limited to, in a team environment:
1. Be in charge of the office of Data Visualization and supervise planners and GIS technicians managing various complicated projects
2. Work closely with the offices of Roadway Data and Road Inventory (Tennessee Roadway Information Management System – TRIMS) within Data Management Section.
3. Cooperate with other offices such as offices of community planning (OCTs), Research, Forecasting, and Policy Planning under Long Range Planning Division for all activities
4. Manage all aspects of GIS operation and other related applications support and operations including planning, designing, development, implementation, upgrade, support and maintenance functions
5. Lead the office of Data Visualization in developing custom web clients for GIS data and other GIS tools and interfaces including designing, implementing, and maintaining ESRI geo-databases with Oracle.
6. Lead team members on performing quantitative analyses of large data sets using various software platforms (ArcGIS, Geomedia, TRIMS, Imagine, TransCAD, etc.), integration of applications, and create visualizations for reports
7. Develop GIS acquisition strategies and standards and coordinates GIS data acquisitions and updates and ensure QA/QC of GIS databases
8. Manage special mapping projects, city and county mapping activities, and annual State map project
9. Support short and long-range projects related to the transportation program
10. Respond to requests for technical assistance from other divisions of TDOT, other government agencies, OCT offices, as well as MPO’s and RPO’s
11. Work with local, state, and federal resources to maintain existing map databases, identify missing data and provide input into the TDOT’s GIS strategy.
12. Prepare and support presentations and planning documentations with visualization
13. Develop activities including, analysis, design, integration, verification, configuration management, maintenance support and product documentation
14. Coordinate and work with federal, state, and local transportation agencies as needed to successfully execute projects and to provide updates and reports to key stakeholders
15. Carry out other duties as assigned by the Assistant Director of Data Management
16. Supervise and manage 8~10 employees, conducting performance evaluations and administering disciplinary actions, as well as interviewing, hiring and training employees and planning, assigning and directing work

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