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Atlantic - Branch Manager - Knoxville, TN
Posted on November 9th, 2017

Date: November 8, 2017
Title: Branch Manager
Location: Alcoa, TN

Reports To: Vice President, Production Operations
Also Interfaces With: President/COO, Executive Vice Presidents, Project Managers, Flight/Sensor Operations Management, Technical Leads / Senior Scientists, QA/QC Manager, Sales & Marketing staff, Pricing & Proposal staff, IT Manager, Headquarters Office Manager

Job Description: Atlantic seeks to grow its Knoxville office, which was acquired/opened in 2016. Atlantic has been putting more focus on developing new clients in the A/E  Architecture/Engineering) field that involve projects that are small in area but large-scale. We would like to turn our Knoxville office into a dedicated production center that can handle end-to-end production for these projects. This position establishes a senior-level position within Atlantic to both lead the office and to serve as the project manager on all projects assigned to that office.

Position Responsibilities:
To lead and manage Atlantic’s Knoxville data production office, to provide project management on most small area, large-scale projects (A/E, Transportation, etc.) and provide production management on all projects assigned to the Knoxville office. This position includes the  following responsibilities:

Project Management:
1. The Successful Candidate will be assigned as the Project Manager for most projects assigned to the Knoxville office. The exceptions would be whim/here the assignment is part of a larger program or if the client is a previously assigned client and continuity with the previous PM is required by the client.
2. The Successful Candidate will work with Atlantic’s other project managers to ensure company financial success (10% project profitability average per year) and total client satisfaction (defined as an average score of 3.5 out of 5.0 and above on client satisfaction surveys) with the professional services provided by Atlantic.
3. Working directly with Atlantic’s Executive Vice President of Operations, the Successful Candidate will be responsible for the financial tracking of all projects assigned to him/her as the PM using tools that Atlantic has already developed.
4. The Successful Candidate will participate via video or teleconference services for all PM-related
meetings, currently scheduled at 9:00 Monday, 3:00 Monday, and 3:00 Wednesday.
5. The Successful Candidate will serve as the direct client interface with both existing and new clients assigned to him/her once contracts have been assigned. This may include (onsite) client meetings such as kickoff, in-progress, and/or close-out meetings.
6. The Successful Candidate will support any A/E business development efforts when technical
expertise is needed to support Atlantic’s sales goals. This may include (onsite) scoping / project
requirement meetings.
7. The Successful Candidate will actively participate in the job cost estimation process by providing production metrics on key tasks to him/her direct report, Atlantic’s Vice President of Production.
8. The Successful Candidate will identify, design and implement technical policies, procedures and business practices that will yield consistent execution by Atlantic’s small area, large-scale
production team.
9. Provide timely information to the Executive Vice President of Operations for invoicing purposes, to include tabular/graphical outputs from production tracking system for inclusion in monthly status / invoicing reports to clients.
10. Issue Work Authorizations and provide written individual staff assignments in a manner consistent with meeting the clients’ schedule, cost and quality objectives.
11. Coordinate and conduct internal project close-out meetings to collect and analyze project-relevant data and compare them to the project plan (assignments, schedule, efficiencies, communication, quality, workflows, re-work, budget, etc.)

Production Management:
1. The Successful Candidate will identify, design and implement technical policies, procedures and business practices that will yield consistent execution by Atlantic’s small area, large-scale
production team.
2. The Successful Candidate will coordinate with Atlantic’s other Project Managers, Vice President of Production, Sr. Vice Presidents, and President/COO to ensure all staff assignments and priorities are aligned with client and corporate requirements. Provide input to short-, mid-, and long-term planning and scheduling.
3. Develop and maintain Production Workflow Procedures and Best Practices, and update
documentation. Conduct R&D on process improvements.
4. Develop and maintain a Production QA/QC Management Plan, to include QA methodology and QC checklists.
5. Based on past project performance, establish level of effort metrics for pricing estimates.
6. Ensure product samples are developed to support Sales and Marketing requests.
7. Identify production ‘bottlenecks’ and assess the needs regarding hardware, software, IT
infrastructure, personnel, workflow procedures, documentation, etc.
8. In collaboration with Technical Leads and IT Manager define requirements for new
hardware/software technologies.
9. Support Technical Leads in conducting R&D, analyzing ROI, and make recommendations to Vice President of Production, Sr. Vice President of Operations and President/COO.
10. Monitoring and controlling of
a. production schedule (task progress, status, and anticipated completion),
b. resource allocations (staff utilization, resource loads and conflicts),
c. production effort (remaining level of effort and cost to complete),
11. Coordinate and conduct internal kick-off meetings to disseminate project-relevant information (client, project background, deliverables, timeframe, milestones and deadlines, quality standards and requirements, tasks assignments and expectations, project number and cost codes, etc.).
12. Perform data production tasks, when needed, to support on-time delivery and delivery projects within budget.

Staff Management:
1. Assign tasks to Knoxville-based production staff resources in accordance with client’s quality,
schedule, and budget constraints.
2. Coordinate and conduct weekly Production Staff meetings to provide a general overview of prior week’s accomplishments and upcoming week’s assignments and goals.
3. Require staff to issue week-ending completion and outlook reports, and assimilate that information into a simple, quick status e-mail to the Project Managers, Sr. VP, and COO.
4. Help Atlantic HR efforts with regards to hiring, firing and explanation of benefit changes for all employees in the Knoxville office.
5. Conduct annual performance reviews on employee’s anniversary dates with the company.
Establish goals, determine training needs, identify opportunities for professional development, and define / update job descriptions as necessary.
6. Coordinate and conduct ad-hoc meetings to address immediate production needs.
Office Management:
1. Be the single point of contact for all Atlantic suppliers for this office (phone, cable, etc…).
2. Reach back to Atlantic’s Executive Assistant for ordering office supplies, coffee, etc.
3. Communicate any significant office needs to Atlantic’s President/COO involving the landlord,
issues causing a poor work environment or items that may improve office morale.
4. Maintain company fiduciary responsibility for any items ordered on Atlantic-provided credit card for the Knoxville office.

Compensation and Benefits:
Title: Branch Manager
Job Category: Category 2 – Technical Professional
Salary: To Be Negotiated
Bonuses: Eligible
Other Benefits: All other benefits relating to insurance, vacation, sick leave and paid
holidays remain the same.

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