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GIS Specialist - Memphis, TN
Posted on January 10th, 2018

‚ÄčThe GIS Specialist is responsible for supporting project and organization goals as they pertain to GIS, Data Management, and Software Application technologies. Allworld is a growing dynamic business that focuses on the built environment: engineering (civil/environmental), construction, architecture, and urban planning. It is essential and expected that the GIS Specialist possesses high levels of understanding and experience working with these industry data. Most often, designing workflows, improving processes, documenting and establishing project controls, completing high level spatial analysis

Essential functions:
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
Complete advanced spatial analysis.Manage and assist with database design and data structures.Provides technical support to project planning: defining requirements, designing workflows, delegating tasks, and identifying resource needs.Ensuring all projects and tasks have solid quality control and quality accuracy methods in place.Provides GIS-related technical guidance and assistance to project teamsMaintains expertise in GIS-related software and technologiesEnsure that permitting, planning, and asset management systems must have the latest GIS data.Support projects by completing maintenance and updates to data.Serves as a liaison with GIS vendors for the proper acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of GIS-related resources.Performs other related duties as assigned.Qualifications:
Education- GIS Graduate Certificate; M.S. in GIScience, Geology, Geography, or related discipline recommended. Undergraduate degree involving GIS experience required.Skills- Strong GIS background, Esri COTS, ArcGIS Online, Azure/AWS DBA, SQL query and server experience, Python programming and tool development, front-end web development, UAV/UAS experience, and client facing problem solving. Microsoft productivity suite (Excel, Access, Outlook, presentations, SharePoint, Power BI, and OneDrive experience preferred for data management, budgeting, and modeling. Project management experience preferred for understanding/implementing progress tracking solutions, managing program scope/budget, and handling SRF or other Government Agency based workflows. Content/proposal writing, and copyediting experience preferred for reporting, RFP/RFQ support, and program management documentation.Experience- Five or more years as a GIS Analyst/Specialist focused on managing data, programming / application development, web development, project management and or writing/editing experience in a business context.

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