Mapping Tennessee
GIS Technician - Nashville
Posted on January 17th, 2018

​GIS TechnicianDesign – Nashville, Tennessee
Job Summary: The CAD/GIS Technician will perform duties such as: updating and/or creating maps and/or design drawings using geographic information systems (GIS) or computer aided design (CAD) technology; conducting research; reading and/or interpreting utility infrastructure maps; proofing or comparing the information contained on maps/drawings with information from different sources; measuring distances, areas, perimeters, and angles.

Technical role:
Prepares designs, drawings and layouts working from engineering specifications using CAD methods.Evaluates engineering analysis for the coordination of the final map deliverable for clients.Follows established technical specifications to prepare drawings and perform design drafting.Develops design modifications to facilitate improvements to accommodate modifications to utility infrastructure.Responsible for data collection and remediation revisions on maps if changes are made by Engineering Technicians.Monitor mapping work and the updating of maps in order to ensure accuracy, the inclusion of new and/or changed information, and compliance with rules and regulations.Communicates with Engineers, Engineering Technicians, Area Managers, and others to answer questions about departmental operations and/or procedures.Communicates with other departments for the dissemination of information.Serves as a liaison between field and office.

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