Mapping Tennessee
GIS Internship with City of Franklin
Posted on January 29th, 2018

End Date: 2/16/2018
Date Posted: 1/19/2018
Job Code: Intern
Location: City Hall
Address: 109 3rd Ave S
City: Franklin
State: TN
Country: United States of America
Maximum Salary: 16
Minimum Salary: 10
The purpose of an internship is to help students gain practical experience, become acquainted with professionals in their field of interest, and develop an understanding of professional responsibilities and effective working relationships.  Hours for interns are flexible, depending on the City’s and intern’s needs, but may not exceed 1,500 hours in any consecutive 12-month period. The internship will end at the earliest of the following: reaching 24 months from the first day in the intern program; graduation from the institution; or if the intern is no longer attending school on a full-time basis (12 credit hours) or participating in a full-time institution cooperative education/internship and receiving at least three credit hours per semester.

  • Performs mapping and analysis using the ArcGIS for Desktop software suite
  • Performs field collection/verification utilizing Trimble handheld GPS units
  • Performs data QA/QC and cleanup
  • Creates maps as they are requested
  • Assists GIS staff as required.
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