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GIS Technician Memphis
Posted on February 28th, 2018


Company Overview
Allworld Project Management, LLC is a locally owned small business that specializes in Project Management of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Urban Planning, and Construction Management projects. Geographic Information Systems and other Technologies are the backbone and foundation that provide efficiencies and solutions to support operations and decision making.

Position Summary
The role of this position is to support the larger goals of the organization and clients. Our projects and clients are diverse and demanding, therefore flexibility and excellence are expected. Primary duties include the following:
Provides on-site digital mapping support to clients.Troubleshoots various data conversion and ETL processes.Creates and manages static as well as dynamically updated maps.Edits data in a variety of GIS formats (open source to ESRI SDE).Completes maintenance and update changes to datasets in enterprise databases.Coordinates with team members and clients to fulfill project goals.Performs related duties as assigned.Qualifications
Minimum Requirements
Ideally, all applicants must:
be familiar with and interested in asset management of water resource facilities as they pertain to Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering projects.have a Bachelor’s degree in GIS, Geography, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, or related field; those close to graduation with a qualifying degree will be considered. (Equivalent and relevant work experience may be substituted for education requirements.)have six months to one-year technical experience manipulating spatial data. Technical experience is described as:
familiar with ESRI ArcGIS software (desktop, pro, online, and server),experienced in generating maps and a strong understanding of cartographic principles,familiar with the foundations of dataset, database design,manipulation of both tabular and spatial data,joining and relating data,creating and maintaining FGDC compliant metadata,integrating MS Access and ESRI ArcGIS databases,familiar with programming in Python,familiar with SQL queries,familiar with Hydrology and Hydraulic Modeling,familiar with Autodesk suite (AutoCAD and Civil 3D)familiar with InfoSWMMmaintain effective professionalism (communication, punctuality, quality, accountability, team-oriented, and respectful to self and others).

Additional Skills
Experienced in managing and coordinating project assets such as people and processes.Experienced programming with Python for GIS applications.Experienced in mobile / field data collection using GPS devices such as Trimble and Leica, mobile data collectors such as tablets and handheld units, and remote sensing.Experienced with MS Project, Oracle P6, or other project management software.Experienced programming in Python, HTML5, JavaScript, VB.Net, and/or Java.

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