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TNGIC 2018 Student Presentations - Summary
Posted on April 30th, 2018

​2018 Student Project Presentation Awards
Education is a central component of TNGIC’s mission. The purpose of the TNGIC Student Project Presentations is to encourage and support students’ education through the completion of commendable GIS projects. 

Each student is asked to submit a description of the project, a personal statement, a letter of recommendation, and proof of enrollment.   The students are scored based on the written application and oral presentation at the annual conference.  Plaques and cash prizes are awarded during the annual conference to the top three scores. 

This year the third place award went to Danial Adams for his project, A Pre and Post-Hurricane Irma Elevation Analysis of Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.  The intent of this project was to explain how LiDAR collected post-Hurricane Irma was used to determine vegetation change based on canopy height due to the impacts of the storm by comparing it to LiDAR collected prior to the Hurricane. This project was conducted by Daniel for use within the US Fish and Wildlife Service. 

The second place winner, Jessie Eglinton from Tennessee Tech, compared the urban advancement of the Metropolitan Nashville area to the population growth.  The focus of this presentation was to discover where urbanization is occurring at the most rapid pace and find out what the population growth tell us about the average person’s daily life in relation to local urbanization.

First place was awarded to Tina Sullivan from UT Martin for her project, From the Floodplains to the Mountains - An In-Depth Look into Tennessee Agriculture.  This project focused on analyzing the agricultural census data of Tennessee’s ninety-five counties, formulating equations to determine each county’s effectiveness, and making recommendations to under-performing counties.  

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