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Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is looking for a GIS Analyst I/II/III/Sr. for our Owensboro, KY, Kenner, LA, or Houston, TX office
Posted on October 2nd, 2018

​Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP primarily provides transportation and storage of natural gas and liquids for our customers. Additional information about the Partnership can be found online at
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is looking for a GIS Analyst I/II/III/Sr. for our Owensboro, KY, Kenner, LA, or Houston, TX office.
In this role, you will be responsible for the day-to-day GIS data editing, reporting, analysis, and project execution of data deliverables and will aid the process to review and interpret pipeline project completion files from as-builts, facility drawings, valve maps, hydro test data, various paper records, and transform those to electronic linear referenced GIS data.  You will also ensure that data is accurate and reliable, develop and execute advanced spatial analysis, generate ad-hoc data reports, produce professional maps, acquire and analyze aerial imagery, and identify High Consequence Area and Class location units.  You will be required to work within a team to help manage special GIS projects and ensure accurate and timely compliance reporting is met.
*Thorough experience with ArcGIS 10.x series of software, to include ArcGIS, ArcCatalog, ArcSDE, ArcToolbox, Model Builder and extensions
*Experience with Trimble GPS hardware and software
*Experience with Natural Gas or Liquid Pipeline GIS systems
*Experience with PODS 5.0, ESRI APDM database or PODS Spatial
*Experience with pipeline As-Builts and Hydro Test data, interpreting, reviewing and transferring data from paper records into linear referenced electronic GIS data
*Experience interpreting aerial photography features and understanding of basic photo interpretation guidelines
*Experience with advanced spatial analysis
*Experience creating and managing GIS Spatial and Relational databases
*Experience using enterprise geodatabases, editing and versioning
*Experience with linear referencing
*Working knowledge of stationing and equations
*Working knowledge of coordinate systems and datums
*Understanding of cartographic principles
*Understanding of HCA and Class interpretations
*Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
*Strong written and oral communication skills
*Ability to work and collaborate in a team environment
*Highly organized
*Bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Engineering or related field
*Experience with CFR 192 Subpart 0
*Experience of ASME B31.8S
*Advanced knowledge of HCA and Class calculations
*Experience with Python Scripting
*Experience with SQL and MS Access
*Project management experience
*Bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Systems or Geography

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