Mapping Tennessee
2018 GIS Champion
The GIS Champion award is given to the person that has enthusiastic support of spreading the use of GIS throughout the state. 

​Kurt Butefish, 2018 TNGIC GIS Champion!

Kurt has an undergraduate and master’s degree in Geography from the University of Tennessee

He worked at Intergraph Corp. in Huntsville, AL for 14 years. His current position is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Geographic Alliance (TGA), a position he has held for over 18 years.  The TGA is a not-for-profit housed in the Geography Department at the University of Tennessee that is funded in part by the National Geographic Education Foundation.  

The mission of the Alliance is to advance geographic literacy across the state.  Since 2012, a major focus of the TGA has been to bring awareness to stakeholders about the importance of robust Geography content in Tennessee’s K-12 curriculum.  In 2013, much of Geography content was removed from Tennessee’s Social Studies curriculum and Kurt is working diligently with stakeholders (TNGIC, Cumberland URISA, State Department of Education, State Board of Education, and State Legislature) to reverse this situation.  Another focus of the organization is to train teachers of all disciplines in the effective use of geospatial technologies in their classrooms.

Kurt has served  the Board of TNGIC for the past 5 years, currently serving as Secretary and as the Board liaison for the Education Committee. Kurt served as the Conference Chair in 2016, was instrumental in the Inaugural Geographic Visionary Award Event in 2017, continuously providing job information for the GIS professionals across the state, which can be found on our website and has been an overall goto person for me throughout my term as President. 

Thank you Kurt and congratulations!
Bill Avant - TNGIC 2017-2018 President 

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