Mapping Tennessee
2019 GIS Champion
The GIS Champion award is given to the person that has enthusiastic support of spreading the use of GIS throughout the state. 

Sam Moffat, 2019 TNGIC GIS Champion!

Sam Moffat is a long-time friend of GIS in Tennessee and beyond. His career has seen him focus on the sale of GIS data to professionals in all areas of industry and government, but he speaks a universal language of GIS use for all. Sam helped start the initiative that would later become the Tennessee LiDAR program from a meeting at the Tennessee Federal and State GIS Users Group. Sam has served as Treasurer, Vice-President and President of TNGIC, and has helped our organization lead the way in data acquisition and dissemination to users. Sam goes out of his way to be a friend to all, and you will never find Sam acting down and out. He will cheer you up on a dreary day and look for a way to help you at the same time. Sam has helped plan TNGIC GIS Conferences for over a decade and you will find him presenting or as a vendor at nearly every TNGIC Conference. If you have ever participated in the TNGIC Golf Scrambles at our Annual Conference, thank Sam for his hard work. Sam’s current quest is for Tennessee bathymetry and he is preparing to serve as TNGIC President again in 2020. We are proud to have Sam Moffat as the TNGIC GIS Champion of 2019.

Thank you Sam and congratulations!
Jason Duke - TNGIC 2018-2019 President 
Sam Moffat 2019 Champion